Asession for Lack of Purpose with Lazzaro Pisu

Lazzaro can help you find meaning and purpose in life.

Having goals and a clear direction in life, can help you achieve your ambitions. You don’t give up during difficult situations, and you perceive obstacles in life as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Having a life purpose, it is really important for your wellness and mental health. When someone is lacking this purpose, they often feel that their life lacks fulfillment and they might experience an existential crisis.

Challenges Faced When You Lack Purpose

If you feel like your life has no meaning and direction, decision-making, future planning, maintaining or forming relationships, choosing a career, can all become very difficult situations. Many times, lack of purpose can be a sign of depression, or anxiety.

Here are some symptoms that you might experience if you feel that you lack a purpose in life:

  • Do you feel demotivated to try new things and you don’t know what really matters to
  • you?Do you feel like you have tried everything in life and nothing else seems important?Do you feel anxious thinking of the future?Do you struggle
  • to make clear decisions in your life, such as choosing friends or a career destination?
  • Do you feel you are alone in the world?
  • Are you often wondering what is the meaning of life
During an existential crisis, our views of our lives and the world are unclear. We are constantly thinking what the meaning of life is, and what our ultimate purpose is. When these types of thoughts become persistent, you might start to be especially concerned with issues of mortality and loss. Often these worries are a consequence of a difficult life situation, or a mental health disorder, such as depression and anxiety. For example, the loss of a loved one, or the use of certain substances can cause you to feel a lack of fulfillment in life. You might feel lonely, hopeless and desperate as a result of an existential crisis.

Lazzaro can help you find meaning and purpose in life.

Lazzaro aim is to help you gain a better understanding of who you are and what your strengths are in order to boost your selfconfidence and self-esteem. Lazzaro sessions will help you make sense of what has happened to you, and help you integrate new healthier ways of managing your life

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