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To book Your Session I Invite You To Call Me In Order To Schedule
A day And Time.


To Book a Session Call:
604 202 7938

DHP. Lazzaro Pisu Provides Also Online Virtual Sessions.

Committing to a online session is a far easier than committing to seeing me at my studio, which generally involves travel and much more time.
All you need is: a computer with a webcam to connect with me
. You will start to see improvement almost immediately.

I am Also Available at: The International Healing Clini and at The Natural Healing Clinic.
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  • Vancouver:
    938 Howe Street
  • Vancouver:
    1892 West Broadway
  • Burnaby

          5050 Kingsway, BC

  • Toronto
  •  Angeles
  •  Medical Center
  • Manhattan – New York

57 West 57 th Street, New York, NY

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