Lazzaro see a range of patients with different addictions and issues that they would like to address. These issues and addictions are seriously and negatively impacting their life and creating real potential for long term damage. One of the addiction issues that our experienced therapists are able to address is sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Sessions Provides Real Solutions

Is There Really Sex Addiction?

There are, despite changes in the way that we define addiction, a number of people that do not believe that sex addiction exists. The session definition of an addiction is that the behaviour itself is continued despite the individual knowing that it is leading to adverse consequences. In the case of my clients the sex addiction has reached a crisis point.

For many individuals this includes the loss or threatened loss of a loved person in the individual life, possible risk of criminal charges, potential for loss of employment or actual employment termination or a combination of factors that have literally caused the individual to acknowledge that the behaviour they are engaging in is inappropriate, damaging and ultimately self-destructive.

The key to understanding sex addiction is that it is often deeply rooted and is not about the sexual act itself. It may be a result of chemical imbalances in the brain that are creating abnormal sex drives, in emotional issues that lead to a need for dominance or power or past or current abuse.

How I Can Help

I provide sex addiction sessions unseeing a variety of different therapeutic techniques that are part of a holistic approach to change. Issues that are driving the sexual behaviour need to be addressed before a meaningful change can occur. Often sex addiction programs simply focus on the cessation of the behaviour, but this still leaves the underlying issues for the client to cope with and try to manage.

Through talk, therapeutic interventions and non-judgemental support I am here to help you. My services are confidential and private, uniquely tailored to your needs and to your individually designed session plan.

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