Many relationships can reach a stage where one or both partners are finding it difficult to see a way forward. The relationship may no longer seem to be providing what the person is looking for and they may now be wondering if it is possible to bring in changes that can help improve the situation or whether the couple can remain together.

What Happens When A Relationship is in Difficulty ?

Sometimes the communication within the relationship has become difficult or negative or the behavior of one or both parties seems unreasonable to the other, such as putting very little time into a relationship, excessive working or socializing, drinking, gambling or affairs. The parties may be experiencing a lot of rows, conflict, resentment, boredom,or feeling misunderstood and may feel like they are living quite separate lives. Sexual difficulties may have arisen in the relationship and the couple may have infrequent or no sex. Many relationships can reach a stage where one or both partners find it difficult to maintain communication and difficulties arise such as arguments or ignoring each other. The relationship may no longer be providing what they are looking for and one or both partners may now wonder what can help improve the situation.

How Can Sessions Help a Relationship ?

The additional help and support of this sessions can be very beneficial in facilitating the couple to clarify the issues of difficulty and see if these may be improved together. Sessions can help to give a good understanding of each other’s family background and personal history This can be a very important part of this process in order to help understand the dynamic that may now exist in the relationship.



How Does Couple Sessions Work ?

Lazzaro will generally work with the couple together but may also do some separate individual sessions with one or both partners, if this is identified and agreed as an important part of the process. In circumstances where one of the partners does not wish to enter into couple therapy, the other may be encouraged to proceed into individual sessions.

What Types of Couples Attend Relationship Sessions?

Lazzaro have experience of working with many different issues which present for couples and their relationship. Couples in sessions are not necessarily married, and in many cases they are not. Lazzaro also work with couples who are in the process of separating or have separated. The couple may have some other form of status or be in another form of partnership or civil union. Lazzaro also have experience of working with different types of relationships including gay and lesbian couples, couples with and without children, couples of other nationalities, inter-racial couples, and couples in either long-term or newly-formed relationships.

Relationship Check

What is a Relationship Check in?

This is a two-hour session provided to help couples deal with specific issues before these issues become so problematic they become a threat to the relationship.

Why have Relationship Check In ?

A Relationship Check in is a space to explore how changes in family life like “empty nests”; loss of a job, retirement,bereavement, illness or emigration can impact on the couple’s relationship. It is a space for the couple to explore any major decision they need to take. The session will help the couple to explore their options in a confidential safe way.

Who is it For ?

A Relationship Check in may also be an option for an individual who may wish to explore any issue or concern they have in regard to their relationship.

Relationship Check ins are suitable for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples and individuals.

What is the Cost ?

The cost of the service starts a $200 an hour.

How do I arrange a Relationship Check in ?

You can contact Lazzaro at 604 202 7938 to arrange this service.

This is a two-hour session provided by Lazzaro to help couples deal with specific issues before these issues become so problematic they become a threat to the relationship.

To Book An Appointment with Lazzaro Call: 604 202 7938