Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence

As we go through life, we all experience moments or periods when our confidence tales a knock and our self-esteem plummets. Sometimes we bounce back quickly, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. What’s really important to remember is that rebuilding our confidence when we’ve had an experience that’s lowered our self-esteem requires positive, conscious action on our part.

I Will Show You How To Increase Your Self Esteem

We’ll get to the root cause of your self-esteem issues and get you to change how you think.

You’ll understand the role your mind plays and will eliminate negative patterns of thinking and behaviors so you can start to feel great about yourself, what you can achieve and your sense of worth.
Coaching in confidence skills and techniques will be taught along
the way to support our work together.


You Will:

  • Get To The Root Cause Of Your Low Self Esteem
  • Let Go Of Negative Patterns
  • Change How You Think
  • Take Back Control
  • Become More Confident
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Feel Worthy
  • Live The Life You Deserve

There are all sorts of really valid reasons why your own sense of self-worth is at a low ebb. Some may go all the way back to childhood, yet more could be triggered by more recent events in your life.

Perhaps you had a lack of emotional support as a child that allowed you to build confidence and a robust sense of self or maybe a trauma experienced when you were younger fundamentally compromised your own sense of personal power and boundaries. Or it could be a recent experience such as the loss of a job or a relationship.

You may not even know the reasons why you feel like you do – and nor do you have to, by the way. It’s enough that you know you’re struggling with a pervading sense of not feeling good enough or comfortable with yourself or others.

Anyone can suffer from a loss of confidence. Our clients include business high-fliers who’ve suffered a rare setback, those who have struggled all their lives with chronic low self-esteem and everyone in between.

How Can I Help

A number of factors can influence low self esteem such as how we were influenced by family in our early years, messages received by those around us on what we ‘should do’, or how to ‘behave’, our weight, finances, jobs, where we sit in our social circle, current mental health and more.

My hypnotherapy for confidence sessions work with you to access your subconscious mind and help clear and re-program the patterns of unhelpful behaviors, thinking and beliefs that have now become your barriers to finding self-worth.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching I can guide you towards solutions that will allow you to take control, replacing old negative feelings and patterns of behavior and taking you towards the new, positive, confident you.

I replace those old, unwanted patterns with positive feelings, beliefs and behaviors to help you to get what you want and feel good about being you. My sessions also help you to rehearse those situations where you want and need to feel more confident so you develop a sense of mastery that influences real-life experiences like social settings, job interviews and public speaking.

Just imagine how it would be to live your life feeling confident in who you are and in your abilities. Just think of all the things you could achieve if you had the self-esteem and felt as confident as you imagine other people feel.

Having hypnotherapy for confidence can be an incredible game changer. Dealing with confidence and self-esteem issues allows you to become the person you want to be.

Hypnotherapy for confidence provides amazing tools for change.

Increase Your Self Esteem With Hypnotherapy In Vancouver

If you’ve been struggling with believing in yourself and abilities, your sense of worth and what you deserve in life and want to overcome self esteem issues then Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be just what you’re looking for today.

Have you experienced low self esteem symptoms?

  • Taking feedback and criticism personally?
  • High sensitivity?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Need approval from others?
  • Indecisiveness?
  • People pleasing?
  • Envy or resentment

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