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Hypnotherapy For Children

Helping children through hypnotherapy can be very challenging but at the same time very rewarding. Children can suffer from a traumatic event at young ages which can really affect them in later life and that is why dealing with these scenarios straight away can be very beneficial.

I work with children from 7 years old plus and always like to include participation from the parents too. Talking things through with parents, offering advice on how they can support their child is essential in children’s hypnotherapy.

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How do I work with children?

When working with children it is important to establish what the problem is from the outset, how they feel about it and how much they want to overcome it. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as sometimes it is the parent that wants the change!

Hypnotherapy For Children, alternative therapies, lazzaro pisu,

How hypnotherapy can help with children?

Hypnotherapy can help treat children in a number of ways and here is a short list of some examples:

Habit disorders
Family issues (divorce, separation, death)
Exam nerves
Anger issues – Sessions

Hypnotherapy For Children, alternative therapies, lazzaro pisu,

I often speak with the child’s parents to find out if there are any new patterns of behaviour and if these behaviour patterns are repeated. It is very important that the parent understand that their child must want to be free of their issue and that there is no secondary gain* from it.

We are all aware that children have a lot to deal with when they are growing up. Let’s face it, we remember! Growing up can bring different challenges at different times with relationships, friends, hormones, and school work. They are also growing up in a world of pressures from social media – this affects more children than you think.

I’ve worked with a number of children suffering issues ranging from fussy eating, phobias of dogs, bedwetting and fear. All of which have been cured through hypnotherapy and BWRT therapy. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to reconnect and reach out to children who are experiencing difficulties.

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