Hypnotherapy For Teenagers

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Being a teenager is a time of transition from child to adult and, for some, a challenge. There are big hormonal influences at play and these can negatively affect relationships and friendships. Teenagers can suffer with a broad spectrum of issues such as social anxiety, anger, eating disorders, OCD and self-harm. They may also have formed an idealistic view of the world around them and rail against perceived injustices, which can cause great stress and feelings of helplessness.

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Hypnotherapy for teenagers can help them develop into healthy and emotionally well-balanced adults by quickly addressing the source of anxiety and building back confidence. It is a powerful therapy to combat negative thoughts with positive ones, learn coping skills and improve interaction with others.
Teenagers respond really well to hypnotherapy because it bypasses the intellectual thought process in the conscious mind and creates a positive shift in the subconscious – which is where all the learned behaviours from childhood live. Hypnotherapy for teenagers gives them the power to step away from feeling emotionally overloaded and release limiting beliefs before they reach adulthood.
For teenagers, being listened to by a trained professional encourages them to feel supported and this lessens their feelings of powerlessness and fear.

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So, if you are a teenager reading this or the parent of a teenager who is struggling and need help, then do get in touch with me for an online appointment of hypnotherapy for teenagers.