In recent years many people have become aware of their awakening spirituality.

“One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.”

Who Comes for Spiritual Counselling / Guidance?

Those who have a yearning for spiritual connection and expression, yet who don’t feel comfortable with conventional religion. They may choose spiritual counseling/guidance to help them enquire more deeply into one of the many spiritual traditions of the world, including that of contemporary spirituality. A Spiritual Counselor can accompany them in this enquiry, being sensitive to their needs while sharing readings and spiritual practices that are relevant to the tradition.
Others may seek spiritual guidance because they’re feeling lost and wondering what the meaning of life is; or maybe they’re at a point of crisis where everything appears to have gone wrong; or they might just feel instinctively – there must be a better way.
Some may choose spiritual guidance because they’re experiencing a time of loss or sudden change and feel as though their very foundations have been shaken.
You may be familiar with some of these feelings and experiences and know how they can lead you to question things in a way you’ve never questioned them before. Spiritual counselling/guidance can help you find answers to such questions, supporting you as you explore your deepest concerns and discover ways to live your life more truly.

A Spiritual Guidance Session.

I creates a safe, sacred and confidential space in which I will always honor your own way of relating to God, Goddess, the Divine, Source, Allah, Great Spirit, the Universe, Buddha, That Which Is, or by whatever name you use to refer to the source of all**. In this non-judgmental space your Lazzaro will listen to you deeply in order to help you discern your own truth.

Lazzaro will help you to hear that still small voice within you and to increasingly trust its wisdom and its love for you as you discover your own way forward.

It is the voice of your essential self which is spontaneous, loving, peaceful and joyful – just like coming home.

Spiritual counselling/guidance sessions can also work very well by phone or Skype.

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