Lazzaro’s life reads like a thrilling adventure novel, filled with artistic triumphs, near-death experiences, and a relentless spirit that refuses to be broken. Growing up in the vibrant landscape of Italy, his journey took him through the highs of musical stardom and the depths of battling life-threatening illnesses.

Lazzaro Pisu hypnotherapist

By age 14, Lazzaro had made a name for himself in the music industry, composing and performing under a pseudonym for major record labels. His talent and passion for the arts led him to study cinematography at the prestigious Centro Sperimentale della Cinematografia in Rome, where he rubbed shoulders with legendary filmmakers. Additionally, he collaborated with major directors such as Federico Fellini and Nico Ricci, and made appearances on numerous national television programs.

At the age of 19, he was called up to join the ranks of the military, embarking on a thrilling journey of service and adventure. (In Italy, serving in the army was mandatory and all eligible individuals were required to serve in the military for a period of time).

However, his biggest challenge came in 1990 when cancer threatened to take it all away. Determined to beat the odds, he underwent a grueling surgery in Vancouver BC, battling not just the disease but also the shadows of depression and anxiety.

Lazzaro Pisu

While recovering and determined to win his battle, Lazzaro’s creativity shone through. During his recovery, he launched a women’s clothing line, dressed contestants for beauty pageants like Miss Canada and Miss Universe, and produced numerous television shows for Rogers Communications, showcasing his resilience and versatility.

After his recovery, Lazzaro decided to make Canada his permanent home, focusing on helping others recover from their ailments. Immersed in his new environment, he dedicated himself to researching and studying various alternative therapies, including analysis, psychoanalysis, music therapy, hypnotherapy, Hypno-Behavioral Mind Direction (HBMD), and neuroscience.

Lazzro Pisu

In 2007, he moved to Toronto, where he opened his practice, the Natural Healing Clinic, providing healthcare services and aiding the community.

In 2016, during a trip to Italy, Lazzaro faced another significant health challenge, a devastating spinal condition threatened to paralyze him.
He was paralyzed due to three herniated discs pressing on a major nerve in his spine, causing severe pain. An MRI revealed a tumor in the middle of his vertebral column, and doctors recommended immediate surgery due to the severity of his condition. Lazzaro refused surgery and decided to stay at his residence in Italy rather than at the hospital.

Through sheer willpower and a deep understanding of his craft, he practiced hypnotherapy and hypnagogic body movement dissociation on himself for many hours during the day and night to overcome his paralysis and reclaim his mobility. After five months of being bedridden and immobile, he was able to walk, and the tumor in the middle of his vertebral column was also naturally reabsorbed. He then booked a flight back to Toronto and subsequently moved back to the Pacific Coast in Vancouver.

Lazzaro Pisu hypnotherapist

Today, Lazzaro lives in Vancouver BC, practicing alternative therapies to help those in need. This mission of aiding others defines his life. Having experienced living with pain firsthand, he understands the struggles but also believes in the power of fighting and winning to live a better life. Lazzaro is a martial arts enthusiast who also enjoys making music and creating acrylic and oil paintings in his free time.

In 2019, Lazzaro received a Global Award in Chicago for his contributions to the field of Alternative Therapies, among many other accolades.

His story is a testament to the power of resilience, proving that with unwavering determination, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

From the heights of musical success to the depths of physical and emotional turmoil, Lazzaro’s life is a breathtaking saga of triumph over adversity. His story is not just a narrative of one man’s journey, but a testament to the indomitable human spirit that refuses to be defeated.

This brief story of Lazzaro’s life exemplifies his strength and belief that nothing is impossible if you understand and know how to do it.

“As a therapist, my heart is dedicated to providing care, compassion, and skill honed through years of experience and a profound love for helping others. I am deeply committed to understanding and offering compassion to those in need, guiding them through their darkest moments towards healing and renewal.”

“Be strong, because to achieve, you must believe. and I can teach you to be a winner”.