Your mind and mental state can have a profound impact on your physical body and your over-all quality of life and vice versa. They are inextricably interconnected. When one is affected, the other one will inevitably suffer. Remember that just as the mind can influence the body, so the body can influence the mind.

Physical problems such as worry, anger, jealousy, hatred, guilt, anxiety and depression can all have a negative effect upon the body and open the door to sickness and disease. In fact, when you start looking you will find that there are a huge number of cases where poor physical health can be traced back to a psychologicalor emotional cause.

Just a few examples include: colds or upset stomachs that occur at times of mental stress; skin rashes that appear when an individual is anxious; jaw grinding (bruxism) that starts at times of intense worry; heart rhythms that change in response to negative thoughts; high blood pressure that is triggered from bouts of anger, fatigue or low energy following an argument or evenaches and pains held in the body by suppressed concerns or conflicts. Many more serious health issues including cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, irritable bowel disease and certain digestive disturbances can also benefit from the emotional issues of the client also being addressed. Even though people often experience repetitive bouts of poor health they often fail to trace their problems from cause to effect; instead electing to focus on finding a cure rather than working on the root cause of the problem. This is where Lazzaro can help.

If your mind can affect the way your body functions and hypnotherapy can affect the way your mind functions, then it stands to reason that hypnotherapy and NLP can ultimately affect your body’s responses. This effect can be a by-product of therapy or an actively sought response. For example, if you are coming for therapy to help reduce anxiety or stress, a result could also be improved health. Of course you might be actively seeking therapy to directly help manage and reduce pain. In this case, you are actively seeking to alter your body’s response to whatever is causing the pain.


Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure and does not claim to cure disease or illness and a professional hypnotherapist would never discourage a client from seeking professional medical treatment. However, it does help to make changes to the way you think and feel and the way your body responds to certain situations. Relaxing and de-stressing the body may also then help eliminate stress related ailments you may experience.