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Choose freedom after the breakdown of a relationship

Life is really tough on us sometimes… We choose to be with people that we like and enjoy being with, over time that like perhaps will become love and then you choose to be with that person over a longer duration. Yet what happens when that relationship breaks down? There are many reasons why the break-up has happened and these won’t be discussed here… the fact is that you are now out of the relationship and it feels awful. In fact it is one of the worst feelings that a person can experience. It’s what happens after the break-up that really impacts on us and alters our quality of life.

The above graph shows the various stages of the grief cycle – from shock and denial through to the acceptance and return to meaningful life once again – yet some people seem to get stuck at the stage of being depressed and detached and whilst they seek to find reasons as to what’s happened they are unable to… stuck in their feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless… It is important that you realize that you are not alone, we all go through these challenges and Hypnotherapy can provide relief, release and healing – allowing you to move on. Hypnosis can’t make you forget the relationship or the memories, although this may be what you want – and to be challenging, why would you want to forget? You have had happy times and it’s right to have these happy memories, they define us as people and individuals.

No, it is the response you have to the memories, feelings of content and happiness rather than the gut wrenching feeling of abandonment or jealousy, I am here to help you bring real control and empowerment back, allowing you to feel empowered once again. Indeed, if this is a repeated cycle of behaviour, you may even feel like a failure – this is wrong! Therapy with Hypnosis can quickly bring healing and help you explore what it is you really want and combined with coaching can bring changes to the way that you approach your new future relationships to stop this cycle and patterns of behaviour. It does not matter how old you are, whether you are male or female, in your 20s through to your 50s and 60s, the feelings are the same and you can find effective release from a split in your relationship.

Hypnotherapy can provide a quick, effective, positive result. In most cases you will see change and a difference in one top two sessions and you will get deeper insights into your own beliefs. I will work with you to support you through to normal life, like everyone else. I have helped many people regain confidence, eliminate sadness and the feeling of hopelessness following a relationship slit. Everything you say to me is in complete confidence.

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