Lazzaro Pisu has won the 2019 the Global Awards in the category of “Natural Therapy”, presented in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The conference was attended by an audience of 500+ CEO’s, Investors, Government Ministers and Ambassadors from over 28 countries.


Lazzaro is one of the most recommended Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in Canada. Over the past year to the present day he has helped thousands of private patients at all levels, from a variation of work places and experienced sectors.


Lazzaro is originally fro Italy and lives in the city of Vancouver BC. He is also a trainer for the NGH guild, the oldest hypnotist guild in the world, with members in over 30 countries. Lazzaro developed a method called HBMD for the minds of this millennium.


Lazzaro job consist to change mind patterns – from unwanted, negative, unhelpful patterns into ones that support and uphold a person emotionallY, mentally and physically, providing sessions for a range of issues including: Depression,Anxiety,Abuse,Addictions,Trauma, Self-Esteem, Motivation, Stoke Recovery, Cancer Care and for other personal issues. Lazzaro Pisu is extremely passionate about helping individuals to attain harmony between mind and body. His programs are empowering, joyous and life changing, creating lasting positive transformations in life.

Over the past years to the present day Lazzaro have helped thousands of private patients at all levels, from a variation of work places and experienced sectors, and based on the effective of his sessions he built a respectable practice and name, and his clients are not only from Canada but from around the world. 


Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Trauma, Abuse, Sexual Problems, Fears and Phobias, Self Confidence, Moodiness, Motivation, Procrastination, Irritation Thoughts, Stroke Recovery, Phobias, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Internet Addiction, Porn Addiction, Sex Addiction, Sport Performance, Bereavement and Loss, Exams Nerves, LGBT. 

If your issue is not listed don’t hesitate to contact Lazzaro.

Lazzaro Pisu have experience with many types of clients from many different cultural, ethnic,class,race, and religion, abilities, and sexual orientation. You will feel very comfortable and happy to meet Lazzaro in person at his office located in the city of Vancouver BC.

To Book an appointment with Lazzaro Pisu call 604 202 7938.

Lazzaro help his clients to move forward to where they want to be in their life, guiding them in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental manner, using a unique blended approach to help his clients navigate through their personal challenges to overcome their problems by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind and bypassing the critical thinking and the critical mind in order to achieve their goals. 

Lazzaro Uses Natural Elements: NO MEDICATIONS – NO DRUGS.

Lazzaro uses natural elements in order to bring the mind into a total natural state of consciousness.Each session is unique, different, safe and secure.You’ll become more focused in the present time and you will react to your emotional state an physical stress in a state of total control. You gain control of your senses and also the way your mind reacts with your emotions at any time and any place. It is effective for any person. Our mind decisions are based from the information that we have filtered from our past experiences and how our critical mind will respond from the input that comes from the subconscious mind.

In the year 2019 he was selected from over 4,000 major companies around the world to receive an honorable Global Award for my service in the field of ” Natural Therapies”.  From over 4,000 companies from around the globe, only 60 companies were selected by a judging panel for the service that they provide. The conference was attended in Chicago(USA) by an audience of 500+ CEO’s, Investors, Government Ministers and Ambassadors from 28 countries.He was also selected from “The Talks”(a scientific organization) for the psychiatrist conference, and for the 2020 “Global Wellness Summit” in Tel Aviv as a delegate, to speck about his works, just to mention a few…

Lazzaro developed a method call HBMD for the minds of this millennium, where the natural healing science and the human mind join together. A method that works applying the human senses and that bypasses the way we analyze our thoughts, feelings and emotions, mentally and physically.



To all my clients; thank you to believe in me.

The following testimonials are genuine and are extracts from the many letters,cards and email received from people who have had successful sessions with Lazzaro at the Natural Healing – Clinic.  ENTER HERE

Jennifer.W. – White Rock, BC
Lazzaro is truly gifted. An amazing experience that lasts a lifetime.  I have just seen Lazzaro for a second round of treatment 2 years after my initial appointments with him, for different reasons. And yet again he has UTTERLY transformed my life. Quite literally I function at a whole new level after having treatment with Lazzaro.  He is a phenomenal person with a gorgeously caring soul.  It is evident how important his work and clients are to him, which is seen the determination he has to get clients operating at their highest capacity. Thank You Lazzaro.

Karen.S. – West Vancouver BC
I wanted to write to thank you for all your help to enable me to enjoy flying again. After having just one session with you (which I was really skeptical about) – two weeks before I was due to fly with my wife and parents in-law to Seattle, I was able to get into the airport terminal , sit down and really feel relaxed, get on the plane and complete the flight which lasted 6 hours non stop and this time I didn’t need to take any tranquilizers 

To Book an appointment with Lazzaro Pisu call 604 202 7938.