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Alternative Therapies- Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy – CBT – Counselling Services- Quantum – Neuroscience, and others methods for a natural recovery of the mind and physical body.

Alternative Therapies.

Welcome to Lazzaro’s website dedicated to Alternative Therapies,
Natural Treatments and Hypnotherapy Counselling Service.
Lazzaro Pisu, originally from Italy and now residing in Vancouver, BC,
is a well-established health care practitioner specializing in alternative therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, CBT, HBMD, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Walk Talk Therapy, Music Therapy, Chromotherapy, Quantum, and Neuroscience.
As a result of his sessions’ effectiveness, Lazzaro has garnered a reputation that extends beyond Canada and has attracted clients from all over the world.
His programs are empowering, joyous and life changing, motivating people to discover their inner powerful selves, creating lasting positive transformations in their life.The body and mind, are interconnected and to achieve optimal
health and wellness requires a holistic approach.
Lazzaro job is to change mind patterns – from unwanted, negative, unhelpful patterns into ones that support and uphold
a person physically and mentally.

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Who Are The Clients That Benefit From My Sessions?

As a Hypnotherapist Counselling and Psychotherapist, I work with a wide range of clients, including Celebrities, Accountants, Scientists and Secretaries, Students, Housewives, Politicians, Writers, Lawyers, Ballet Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Film Producers, Music Producers, Entertainment Agents, Office Employers, Security Guards, Military Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Professional Athletes, Top Models, Entrepreneurs, and many other working classes. Additionally, I use various alternative therapy techniques to personalize my approach and cater to each individual’s unique needs and goals.
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Effective Treatments for the Mind and Body

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Therapies For The Mind

If you’re ready to start taking care of your mental health, consider discovering the power of alternative therapies and hypnotherapy. As someone who specializes in these techniques, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve the balance and well-being you deserve wit alternative therapies and natural treatmets.
Whether you prefer in-person sessions in a safe and comfortable environment or online sessions from the comfort of your own home, I’m here to support you.

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Treatments for the Body

Alternative Treatments for your physical health with hypnotherapy counselling is a effective method for managing your physical health conditions. Hypnotherapy counselling services is used to help manage a variety of physical health conditions. For example you can manage chronic pain, reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), improve sleep quality. Hypnotherapy is also used to manage anxiety and depression, which are often associated with physical health conditions.

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Marriage & Relationships

Are you having problems with your marriage or relationship? If so, I offer expert guidance and support to individuals and couples seeking to enhance their relationships. Whether you’re experiencing communication challenges, issues with trust and intimacy, or other obstacles, I’m here to assist you in navigating these difficulties and building a stronger, more satisfying relationship. Let me help you overcome your hurdles and achieve a more fulfilling partnership.

HYPNOTHERAPY: It’s what science calls neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways and change how its circuits are wired. The process involves the mind’s natural abilities to help with various concerns having rapid psychological results in a few sessions.

Treatments for Adults

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Everyone has something they would like to improve about themselves or something stopping or blocking them from achieving their ideal goal.
A face-to-face or online hypnotherapy session could help improve your life.
At his Hypnotherapy Clinic in Vancouver, Lazzaro specializes in overcoming addictions, improving sleep, conquering anxiety and phobias, increasing confidence and motivation, and focusing on creating optimal health and holistic well-being.

Treatments For Teenagers

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Being a teenager is a time of transition from child to adult and, for some, a challenge. Significant hormonal influences are at play, which can negatively affect relationships and friendships. Teenagers can suffer from various issues, such as social anxiety. They may also have formed an idealistic view of the world around them and rail against perceived injustices, which can cause significant stress and helplessness—sessions for Studying and Exams, Anger, Bullying, Self Confidence, and other issues.

Treatments For Your Children

Hypnotherapy For Children

Has your child been from therapist to therapist with no success in feeling any better? Does your child struggle with concentration or feel unmotivated? Is your child struggling with emotions or moods and wants to try hypnotherapy to make lasting changes? Does your child have a fear or phobia that is controlling their life?
Over the years, I’ve successfully used a type of hypnotherapy called ‘Hypno-Analysis’ to help many children with emotional and physical issues. Contact me if you need help.

Methods and Programs.

Counselling Services

Time Line Therapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Walk Talk Therapy
Music Therapy


Stroke Recovery
Cancer Care
Self Confidencence
Sessions Are Located in The Session Page
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If you’re dealing with personal issues that are impacting both your mind and body, my service provides the support you need. I specialize in addressing a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, moodiness, sadness, abuse, sexual problems, fears, phobias, and panic attacks, irrational thoughts, or any other issue that is effecting your mind, emotionally and physically, it may be helpful to seek my support.

It’s important to remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, and resources are always available to those in need. Furthermore, if your particular concern is not listed, please do not hesitate to reach out – my sessions are continuously being updated with the latest and most effective methods to provide better help to society.

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Coping with Depression

Although depression is generally better described by its symptoms than its causes, each individual has their own story. Furthermore, you are not alone, as I have helped many clients who have felt desperate and consumed by their depression. As a result, I am committed to helping people to get out from under that dark shadow and view life with optimism, joy, and positivity.

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Help for Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feelings? You’re not alone. However, I can help people to correct the misguided, unconscious beliefs that have been sabotaging their potential. By learning how to control anxiety, you can become a happier, calmer, more confident person

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Sessions for Addiction

Whether your addiction is affecting your work, social, or personal life, I can help. If you’re feeling desperate or hopeless, know that there is a way out. I work with everyday people who are battling addictions to smoking, drugs, gambling, food, porn, sex, and many other addictions. With my support, many of my clients have transitioned to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Coping with Trauma

If you feel like you need to talk with someone neutral who is outside your circle of family and friends and will listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental way, then I can help you.

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Change Your Mind & You Can Change Your Life

Sessions are Confidential, Safe, Secure and Effective.

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Each person is born unique and special, and can archive unlimited possibilites of success.

Hypnotherapy for your mind and physical balance, located in Vancouver bc,

Your Mind and Physical Balance Start Here

With my mind and physical balance services, you can experience a renewed sense of vitality, focus, and calm.

Celebrities and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective natural treatment that helps the Mind and the Physical Body to achieve hi results.


Quantum Physics and Mind Energy

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Both our thoughts and feelings have an electromagnetic signal, and our thoughts send an electrical signal to the quantum field. This way, our feelings would have the power to “magnetically attract” situations in life. Combining what we think and feel produces a state of being which generates an electromagnetic imprint.

Trusted by over 9000 Health Seekers, Worldwide.
Since 2005.

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Did You Know?
The purpose of hypnotherapy is to
re-program the individual’s brain pattern because it has been causing distress, anxiety, depression, irrational thoughts, phobias or suppressed emotions.

Who are Lazzaro’s Clients?

Lazzaro’s clientele spans across a diverse range of professions, including celebrities, accountants, scientists, secretaries, students,
housewives, politicians, writers, lawyers, ballet dancers, actors, musicians, singers, film producers, music producers, entertainment agents,
office employers, security guards, military officers, law enforcement officers, professional athletes, top models,
entrepreneurs, and other working-class individuals. In addition, Lazzaro has extensive experience serving clients from various cultures,
ethnicities, classes, races, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations.
Throughout the years, Lazzaro Pisu has assisted thousands of private patients from different workplaces and industries.
He provides safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental guidance to all his clients.

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