Alternative Therapies – How Postpartum Depression Affects Your Family

Postpartum depression (PPD) does not just affect the individual suffering from it. It also affects the family. If you’re dealing with postpartum depression, it can be easy to become so introspective that you lose perspective of those around you. By trying to understand how your loved ones are feeling, however, you can strengthen your relationships while also helping them more appropriately support you.

When Family Can’t Understand PPD
It’s frustrating when your loved ones do not understand what you’re experiencing. In fairness to them, a lot of postpartum depression symptoms don’t make sense. Excessive exhaustion, mood swings, or sudden changes in appetite are all common symptoms, but they’re not easily explained. If your loved ones haven’t been through it, it may be impossible for them to fully understand. That fact may leave them feeling frustrated.

Family Must Deal with the Powerlessness of PPD
Dealing with a problem you can’t fix can be infuriating, especially if it’s hurting someone you love. If you have postpartum depression, your family might want to “fix” it for you because they don’t like seeing you suffer. The problem with that, of course, is that they can’t. Postpartum depression is a condition that can be treated, but it’s not a problem to be fixed.

Absolving your loved one of the responsibility to fix your postpartum depression can go a long way in helping them be productive while you seek PPD treatment. Letting them know how they can help in your treatment is important.

Communicating Effectively

Communication can be messy, but it’s necessary to have a strong relationship. If you’re fortunate enough to have the support of your family, don’t reward them by shutting them out. Tell them what you need. Tell them how you feel. Make sure they know you don’t blame them, and make sure they know you appreciate them.

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