Counselling – Addiction to Gambling

Addiction to gambling is not new. Even in historical times, it used to be a passion of many royal families. We have also read about the disasters it caused to their rulings and damages that came along with it. Centuries later, the situation is still the same, even worse than before. Due to the appearance of internet, virtual gambling has become a part of many lives and the detriments are not limited to just financial aspects now. Addiction to gambling has been considered of the same nature as any other addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc.

The basic cause that drives one to fall for addiction to gambling is the need for perpetual excitement. The zest for making quick and easy money is the main pull for investing in gambling. People fall for the cycle of winning, losing, and then the possibility of winning some more, which keeps the cycle on. Even after they have lost a large sum of money, they would still want to give it multiple tries just in the hope of making up the losses. Research has proved that addiction to gambling is also a common way to deal with anxiety, depression, sadness, and the need to work for survival.

To the addict, there is an endless chain of realizing the problem, then deciding to quit, and again start gambling after a while. In case of addiction to gambling, it becomes very hard for one to quit it even after suffering great personal and financial losses. The normal life looks dull to the person and the entire family is affected. This may give birth to guilt, shame, and even anger in the addict. The work life of the person gets troubled. There is a possibility of going into the debts that may continue forever. Even after understanding the serious nature of such consequences, it might not be possible for one to get over the addiction.

Facing the truth is important for both the addict and the family members of him/her. And the reality is, addiction to gambling cannot be dealt with overnight. The temptations and impulses of gambling may reappear time and again. Thus, it requires a great deal of patience, affection, and care to handle the long-term problem. Ignoring, taunting, or making loose comments about the addict tends to worsen the situation and push him away. Therapy should be considered keeping in mind that things won’t change the next day.

A healthy way of living needs to be pursued. If one is in some kind of financial crisis, then, keeping the expenditures in control may reduce the pressure. Talking to friends and family members and sharing about the addiction to gambling is helpful in curbing the spell. Gambling has wide nature of negative consequences. It not only ruins the bank balance, but also makes the kids, partners, and parents go through a lot. With a combined support and help, addiction to gambling can be minimized gradually and one might be able to live a normal and healthy life.

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