How Hypnotherapy Helps Business Owners Succeed

When it comes to business, especially if you’re starting out or working to grow and expand your enterprise – it can be a struggle. Stress and pressure can build up gradually, especially with all the challenges business owners face to reach their goals. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unable to sleep and procrastinate or loose confidence in your abilities, which all get in the way of succeeding in business.

You shouldn’t have to struggle when change is possible, in this article, I explain the top 6 ways hypnotherapy can make such an enormous difference not only to your quality of life, but your ability to perform well and create greater success for your business.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do For Business Owners?
Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool that has been proven to help business owners with many different and some unique conditions. However, there are some issues most business owners face at one point or another, here are my top 6 ways that hypnotherapy can help you in business:

1. Help you achieve your goals:
A big part of hypnotherapy is getting you into the right mindset for change. Understanding what your goals are and putting yourself in the best position to achieve your goals, complete with a little extra motivation. In hypnotherapy we practice positively, focus on your future happiness, how you can take small steps towards your goals, and practising kindness towards yourself. All of this gets you into the success headspace and then gives you a boost of motivation, because your subconscious mind understands your true potential and what you need to do. Read more about that here.

2. Overcome imposter syndrome:
Around 84% of entrepreneurs and business owners experience imposter syndrome – the belief that they achieved what they did by luck and not skill, and the constant worry of being ‘found out’. It’s a mindset that can be harmful if left unchecked, causing anxiety for the business owner and stopping them from taking chances and making the most of every opportunity that comes their way. Hypnotherapy helps you take action against imposter syndrome, take control of your thoughts and help you understand your own brain. You can read more about overcoming imposter syndrome with hypnotherapy here.

3. Manage stress and become more resilient:
There’s no denying that business owners feel a lot of stress in their daily lives. But while stress is a normal psychological response, it can easily become unhelpful. Hypnotherapy can help you recognise the warning signs of stress, focus on positive rather than negatives, and learn how to respond to your stress triggers more constructively. By understanding your brain and rewiring its responses to stress, you can become more resilient and less impacted by stress moving forward. Read more here.

4. Improve sleep:
For business owners sleep can feel like a luxury. Between long hours working and then long hours working and then long hours lying awake worrying about work, many entrepreneurs experience insomnia or sleepless nights. But sleep is vital for your health and your cognitive functions, so to be successful you need to get as much as possible. Recently a Swiss research team proved that listening to short hypnotherapy audios before bed can help you spend two-thirds less time awake, and spend 80% more time in deep sleep (which strengthens memory, fortifies your immune system and restores your energy).

5. Reduce anxiety & depression:
As I mentioned in my last blog, business owners are over twice as likely to struggle with mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly valuable part of a treatment plan for mental health issues, as it helps rewire your neural pathways and shift your attention away from the unfocused, negative or anxiety-ridden thoughts. In short, it helps you to re-wire your brain into a more positive state.

6. Stop you procrastinating:
Procrastination is a real problem for business owners, even if many of us don’t like to admit it. Procrastination is a completely normal thing, but it gets in the way of your ability to achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy can help you to identify and break down the roadblocks you’ve built in your own mind, reduce the anxiety you feel about not achieving, and create space for the more confident and determined you to take over. Read more about how hypnotherapy can stop you procrastinating.

Why Business Owners Need Hypnotherapy
One of the things human beings are great at is noticing patterns. However, we’re also very good at getting stuck in them, particularly when it comes to thought patterns. When struggling with any of the issues above, business owners can become trapped in negative thought patterns and behaviors, and they may need some help getting out of them before they can see success in their business.

Hypnosis is perfect for this because it’s geared around creating new neural pathways in the brain. Your hypnotherapist will guide you into deeply relaxation (also known as a trance state), which activates your body’s parasympathetic nervous system and opens the door to your subconscious mind. Through that door, your hypnotherapist can make suggestions that help forge new neural pathways in your brain and change the way you think, react and behave in certain situations. Hypnotherapy helps entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the mental and emotional obstacles standing between them and their goals, and opens up the pathway to success in your mind. Using hypnotherapy as a basis, you could find your entire world changes, and you reach new heights of success without all those roadblocks in your way.

If you’ve been struggling at work against what feels like a glass ceiling for a while, then hypnotherapy could be a great option for you. Feel free to get in touch and book a free initial chat to explore you how hypnotherapy could help you and your business perform better.

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