Hypnotherapists have known for generations the things which science is now beginning to explain. Chabris & Simons, Gladwell and Kahneman, Norman Doidges and more have all brought scientific methodology to bear on the problem of the unconscious. Their findings have confirmed what any hypnotherapist could have told them many years ago.

The human mind is constantly searching for heuristics (rules of thumb) by which intuition can guide us safely through life. It’s no use, for example, wondering if the lion is dangerous.

The brain adopts a simple heuristic which states that anything big which leaps out at us will present a danger. We run without thinking. If something hurts or upsets us, we quickly learn to avoid it in the future. If something is true once, it’s very likely to be true again. Or so we think.

These rules of thumb are generally very helpful and so we pass through life without being aware of quite how many we have picked up. They become automatic and unquestioned. We are unaware of them in most cases. Sometimes, however, they are quite wrong in their assumptions and it is these which cause us problems.

Hypnotherapy, in the hands of the skilled and ethical hypnotherapist, can help us to access the programs which run behind the scenes in our brains. Once they are identified they can be rewritten. All the bugs can be removed. You could learn to see things in different ways. You could learn to question the assumptions you make. You could learn to re-write all those programs which run unnoticed, within the unconscious portion of your mind.

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