Their imaginations can invent anything.

Imagination has driven the world forward since the dawn of human history. We’ve used it to imagine the solution to a problem and then to put that solution into practice. We’ve used it to create the most soaringly beautiful works of art, the most glorious literature and we’ve used it to create monsters. Imagination can be the source of wondrous beauty and of blood-curdling terror.

Hypnotherapy uses it too.

Children are born with an endless imagination. School and reality can, all too often, drive it out of them. Lucky, indeed, is the child is the child who grows to adulthood with his or her full capacity for imagination intact.

However, sometimes an imagination can be a double edged sword. I have used hypnotherapy in Toronto, Vancouver and other locations  to help children free themselves from problems which their own imaginations have created.

For example…

I saw a new client this evening, a ten year old boy who finds it hard to both get to sleep and stay asleep.
It turns out that he saw some lights shining through the rain on his bedroom window and, in an instant, he created a terrifying backstory to the image which his brain created for him.
Imagination caused him to invent all kinds of nastiest which left him so terrified that he refused to go to bed on his own from that point on.
I can remember, as a child, watching Jaws on TV. My imagination was so strong that I was, from that point, scared to go to the toilet for a few days. Water, all water, was scary!

Their imaginations make them ideal subjects for hypnotherapy

Children have fantastic imaginations. This is why they’re so awesome at hypnotherapy. Their imaginations, however, can get them into trouble and this is when they come to see me.

Once we establish how their imaginations have become a bit naughty and have invented a problem, they can begin to take control and to imagine the solution…

Their imaginations can uninvent almost anything too.

In this case the problem is also the solution. When children can imagine themselves into a problem they can also imagine themselves out of it. Hypnotherapy can guide them through this process.

I’ve only seen my new client once. Already he’s feeling better about bedtime. Soon he’ll simply forget he was ever afraid of anything.

If your child has dreamed up all sorts of nastiest then I’ll be glad to help him or her imagine themselves free of it. Happy children grow into happy adults. Your child deserves the chance to leave his or her fear behind them.

What else could hypnotherapy help a child with?

Other little boys and girls have used their imaginations to resolve enuresis, or bed-wetting. They’ve used their imaginations to rid themselves of the fear of ghosts, to lose their fear of SATs, to get rid of recurrent nightmares, to lose their fear of swallowing or new and unknown foods and much more besides. Give me a call to find out if I could help your child too.

Hypnotherapy has helped plenty of children. Your child can find peace too.

If your child has unwittingly used his imagination to create terror then rest assured that he has a very strong unconscious mind which could be used to reverse the process. You needn’t suffer your child to go to bed scared every night.

You needn’t have him or her in bed with you, disrupting your own evenings and sleep. Hypnotherapy could help your child, just as it has already helped dozens of children in Toronto, Vancouver and from other locations.

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