Now You See Me – Now I Understand Me

”Can you read my mind?” – No.

”Are you a magician?” – No.

”Can you fix me? – No, because you do not need fixing but I can certainly help you!

Whenever I see an increase in these types of questions from my potential clients, I know, something relatively related to my field as hypnotherapist has been incorporated in the latest film or TV series.  This time the culprit is  ”Now You See Me”  a film from 2013 and the sequel ”Now You See Me 2′’ will be released on 4th of July in the United Kingdom.

The Plot in short ”Now You See Me” 2013: 

4 magicians, 4 individual invitation cards, 1 mysterious assigned meeting point.  Skip 1 year and you have Four Horsemen promising to entertain and fool your brain.  1 bank robbery, many angered people, 1 more robbery and 1 faked death. FBI and Interpol get involved.  Cat and mouse chase scenario all through the film. 

But only one of the magicians interests me  – Merritt McKinney played by Woody Harrelson – the mentalist.

What is mentalism? – It is a performing art.  Those who practice it want to be seen as highly intuitive individuals.  Usually mentalists say that they are entertainers and shouldn’t be seen as clairvoyant or a mind readers.  They are people who are very good at observing others – body language, facial expressions and breathing patterns. This field may also include the power of suggestion, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as hypnosis being the main attraction.  It’s purely for entertainment. 

As a hypnotherapist I use my skills to help people.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss or hypnotherapy for anxiety are my two main fields.  In hypnotherapy sessions you are put in a state of total relaxation, you are not asleep and you cannot be told to do something against your own will.  I am there to help you fight your cause – weight loss or overcoming a form of anxiety.

The common ground between hypnotherapists and mentalists?  We do not pretend to be part of a eccentric magician cult.  It is a learned skill.

The difference between the two most likely is quite clear to you by now – one is an entertainment performance and the other is a complimentary therapy.  One helps you to relax and laugh the other helps you to relax and allows you to make changes you’ve always wanted.

Life is all about balance.  Be entertained, be happy, be curious and when it’s most needed be helped.