Negative self-talk impacts our ability to achieve, if we tell ourselves we are going to be happy, confident and achieve our goals in life then we will be happy, confident and achieve our goals, but if we tells ourselves we can’t do it, I’m not clever enough, then guess what, often we won’t even bother trying.

We spend so much time telling ourselves that we’re not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or clever enough, some of us even convince ourselves we don’t deserve to be happy so we self-sabotage without even realizing it.

Research tells us when we think a thought that triggers an emotion such as fear, anger, anxiety or guilt we create a physical response in our bodies, you’ll have experienced this I’m sure, you suddenly need the loo without warning, your heart beats faster, you break out in a sweat, this is a result of the chemicals, such as cortisol, you release when your self-talk is continuously negative. However, when you experience positive self-talk you you flood your brain with endorphins, which helps you relax, when your relaxed, you’re more likely to be confident, optimistic, and motivated to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

People I work with every day come to me because they are entrenched in negative thinking and it has such an impact on their lives, they just don’t know how to stop it, some even justify their negative thinking by telling me, “Expect the worst and anything good is a bonus”. What’s that about? I ask.

As a solution with hypnotherapist, I help people understand the impact of negative thinking by explaining how the brain works, and reminding them that everyone has control of their thoughts, of course they do, because they are the source of them, so if you learn to acknowledge and change your negative thoughts you can create a happier, more successful and more fulfilling life.


TIP: Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, say the words, silently or out loud, “stop negative oppressive thoughts” (SNOT) ???? and then consciously shift it into a positive thought instead, see the difference that makes.

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