Hope that you are all well and that as the summer approaches you have some plans for some time off and to get some relaxation in.  I would say that you should set aside time daily just for you.  This is what you are need but it is not always that easy is it?

A friend of mine showed me one of her paintings recently and it automatically resonated with me. This painting shows what some people experience during deep meditation and of course it’s a very similar vivid imagery to that reported by many clients when they are in hypnosis. It’s a wonderful picture, thank you so much Jenny for letting me use it.  It really needed to be shown because it really does provide a picture of what hypnosis can be like. This led me to think that I should provide a blog and explain to people in a little depth about what they may experience while in hypnosis.


Signs of being in hypnosis…

There is no doubt that hypnosis is relaxing. Why is that? What will you experience? Certainly one of the questions that I do get asked an awful lot is ‘What will I experience in hypnosis?’ I’d like to answer that question because people experience many different things, and hypnosis is very often unique to the individual and therefore very difficult to be able to say for certain.

The following are some common signs of hypnosis:

  • Time distortion
  • A sense of feeling really heavy
  • A sense of feeling really light
  • Finding difficult or impossible to open the eyes or move arms or hands
  • Seeing bright colours
  • Seeing vivid images
  • Mind wondering and thinking of other things and been aware of not listening to what the hypnotist is saying
  • A sense of being distant

These are just some of the signs of being in a trance.  Sometimes a client will remember everything, sometimes remember nothing and yes sometimes it’s in between, a little bit like remembering a dream. When you consider that the deepest levels of hypnosis reside on the edge of sleep and the lightest states of hypnosis reside on the edge of conscious awareness then it’s easy to understand why people feel say this.


Does hypnosis have to be deep for it to be effective?

Somebody who can enter a very deep level of hypnotic trance can be said to be susceptible to hypnosis, and that’s great. But, suggestibility whilst in hypnosis is what the therapist is really is wanting. Somebody who’s highly susceptible and highly suggestible is potentially the perfect client, however, for the majority of us, having a level of susceptibility and an amount of suggestibility either indirectly or directly is enough to allow change to occur.


What is suggestibility?

High Suggestibility is the term given to somebody who under hypnosis can really learn from the session and the changes they make are often very profound rather than gradual. Of course, low suggestibility clients may attain gradual changes.


So what?

Well, I hope that I’ve explained a little bit more about what you may experience whilst being in hypnosis.  It is wonderfully relaxing and most clients have a feeling of deep calm, euphoria or even emotions obviously depending on what is that is being worked with. Whatever happens, hypnosis is a truly relaxing experience and fantastically effective as a complete de-stress experience!