Lazzaro's Story

To be a good hypnotherapist and trainer you need to love to help others and to be taught by accredited masters. Lazzaro has studied with many masters in Canada, UK, Italy, and has been trained as a NGH International Certified Instructor by Don Mottin, the most recognized hypnotherapist in the world.  

Before becoming a hypnotherapist, Lazzaro came from a wide entertainment business background. He started working in the entertainment business at the young age of 12, which brought him to appear in many national television programs in Europe. He produced and directed over 1000 hours of TV Shows for Rogers Communications in Canada and also other broadcasters. He composed and produced music for singers as an independent Producer for Virgin Records, Melody Records and BMG Ariola. Lazzaro was also the evening dress designer for Miss Canada, Miss Universe and Miss Tijuana.

Lazzaro’s story is that of three journeys, artistic, spiritual and above all helping others to live a better life.

Why Lazzaro became a Hypnotherapist:

Lazzaro turned to Hypnotherapy in 1997 after being diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor on the right side of his face. Because of the size of the gland and that it was attached to the facial nerves, the complexity of the surgery was a high risk. He was able to reduce the size of the gland practicing hypnotherapy on himself. Thanks to the precise skills of the surgeon, the tumor was removed successfully after 9 hours of surgery.

A Few Stories to Share with You:

After a gentleman had a severe stroke to the left side of the brain, Lazzaro was able to bring the state of mind of this person to a clear stage of recovery. This man was able to connect to his effected side of his body and move his feet and fingers just hours after that he had the stroke.

In 2016 Lazzaro went for a holiday to his residence in Italy, in the middle of the night he woke up with a severe pain in his left leg. After having an MIR, he was diagnosed with 3 severe herniated disks and a small tumor inside his spine.

After many months in bed motionless, he practice hypnotherapy on himself and was able to reabsorb the herniated discs, including the small tumor.

 On several occasions in the past Lazzaro practiced hypnotherapy on himself and based on the success of his results, Lazzaro is very passionate about helping others achieve the same positive conclusion and for them to live a better, happier life.

Where Is he Today

Lazzaro has evolved as a hypnotherapist by developing new methods and techniques that are infused in other alternative sessions besides hypnotherapy. Like; Walk Healing Therapy – Color Therapy – Music Therapy

Lazzaro is the CEO of International Healing Clinic Inc. and the founder of the Natural Healing Clinic.

He works everyday providing sessions to professionals, housewives, office employees, students, doctors, politicians, police officers, actors, dancers, singers, writers and many other variations of employment, including different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Lazzaro is an Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotist and hold’s hypnotherapy classes in Vancouver, B.C. and in Toronto, ON.


Did You Know...

Hypnotherapy it has been practiced in: Hospitals, Clinics, Dentist Studios and in many other Health Care Centers.

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Besides Hypnotherapy I Also Provide The Following Sessions

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