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About Lazzaro Pisu: Lazzaro is originally from Italy and lives in Vancouver, BC. He is a health care practitioner in the fields of alternative therapies: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Walk Talk Therapy, HBMD, CBTV, Music Therapy, Chromotherapy, Quantum, and Neuroscience. Lazzaro is also a trainer for the NGH guild(USA), the oldest guild in the world, with members in over 90 countries, and teach hypnotherapy classes in the city of Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. Over the past years to the present day DHP.Lazzaro Pisu have helped thousands of private patients at all levels, from a variation of work places and experienced sectors, and based on the effective of his sessions he built a respectable practice and name, and his clients are not only from Canada but from around the world. Lazzaro developed a mental care method for the minds of this millennium, where science, technology, and the human mind join together. A method that works applying the human senses and that bypasses the way we analyze our thoughts, feelings and emotions. DHP.Lazzaro Pisu has won many awards for his work. in USA, UK, and Canada.

To be a good practitioner you need to have good skills, and to love help others – My mission during this life jouney, is to help you, with care.

My Job

My job is to change mind patterns – from unwanted, negative, unhelpful patterns into ones that support and uphold you physically and mentally.

I have experience with many types of clients from many different cultural, ethnic, class, race, and religion, abilities, and sexual orientation., and I guide all my clients in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental manner.​

My programs are empowering, joyous and life changing, motivating people to discover their inner powerful selves, creating lasting positive transformations in their life

You will feel very comfortable and happy to meet me in person at my office or Online.


DHP.Lazzaro Pisu

Alternarive Therapies: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy,


* In the year 2019 Lazzaro Pisu has received an honorable Global Award for his service in the field of Natural Therapies. The conference was attended in Chicago(USA) by an audienceof 500+ CEO’s, Government Ministers and Ambassadors
from 28 countries.

Awards Received 2022:
Lazzaro has recided the award: International Health Care Practitioners (UK).
Lazzaro has been selected by Fitnes and Health Canada as one of ther Most Popular Health and Fitness Services:
Awards Received for 2021:
Most Popular Health and Fitness Services in 2021
1 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in Canada
Awards Received for 2020:
Most Popular Health and Fitness Services in 2020
1 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in Canada.
Awards Received for 2019
Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in British Columbia.

Natural Techniques

Lazzaro uses natural elements in order to bring the mind into a total natural state of consciousness. Each session is unique, safe and effective.
You’ll become more focused in the present time and you will react to your emotional state an physical stress in a state of total control. You gain control of your senses and also the way your mind reacts with your emotions at any time and any place. It is effective for the mind and for the physical body.

Lazzaro is collaborating with major companies that are located in Canada, USA and Europe, using his method in several projects. One of his collaborations is with CanaQuest Medical Corp from Toronto, a life science company whose research is focused on mitigation of the spread of cancerous tumors with two prestigious Canadian universities,  Western University and the University of Waterloo

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Who Are The Clients That Benefit From My Sessions?

As a Hypnotherapist Counselling and Psychotherapist, I work with a wide range of clients, including Celebrities, Accountants, Scientists and Secretaries, Students, Housewives, Politicians, Writers, Lawyers, Ballet Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Film Producers, Music Producers, Entertainment Agents, Office Employers, Security Guards, Military Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Professional Athletes, Top Models, Entrepreneurs, and many other working classes. Additionally, I use various alternative therapy techniques to personalize my approach and cater to each individual’s unique needs and goals. Call DHP. Lazzaro Pisu at: 604 202 7938

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Lazzaro provides hypnotherapy certificate courses in the city of Vancouver, Toronto,, Los Angeles, and Online provideing real time virtual classes. The curriculum of his courses, covers all aspects of hypnotherapy, including the latest techniques, theories, and best practices. You’ll learn how to use hypnotherapy to help people overcome limiting beliefs, achieve their goals, and live the life they want. You’ll also learn how to work with clients in a supportive and ethical manner, taking into account their unique needs, personality, and history. To enroll and join Lazzaro Hypnotherapy course, ENTER HERE

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