It has become commonplace for hypnotherapists to state that Lilly Allen used hypnotherapy for weight loss. Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a skilled hypnotherapist, can help identify the causes of weight gain and support the client through the process of adopting a healthier attitude towards food, exercise and weight. I’ve used hypnotherapy in Vancouver and other locations for this purpose. If you’d like to lose weight then you could achieve it too. Anything Lily Allen can do, you can do too.

Lily Allen’s use of hypnosis, however, isn’t as much of a marketing success story as many hypnotherapists imagine. People often expect cash-rich celebrities to adopt esoteric and bizarre “solutions” to their issues. How many actors and celebrities do you know who have turned to minor religious cults, for example?

Hypnotherapy isn’t just for celebrities. It can help you to achieve your goals too.

Well, for what it’s worth, below is a list of famous people who have turned to hypnosis and hypnotherapy for help. The names may surprise you but they pay testament to the fact that hypnotherapy can be of use to us all. It isn’t strange or weird or only for the kooky among us.
Did you know, for example, that Winston Churchill used hypnosis? He used post-hypnotic suggestion to defeat feelings of tiredness during WW2. Hypnosis allowed him to remain awake throughout the night, in times of great stress, focuactors use hypnotherapy to improve their performance. You could benefit too!sing on his work rather than on his exhaustion.
Kevin McBride, a famous Irish heavyweight boxer, used hypnosis to focus his mind before a fight.
Tiger Woods used hypnosis to improve his golf. If only he’d also turned to hypnotherapy  for other issues; perhaps his golf wouldn’t have suffered so much of late. Another famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus, has also used hypnosis to focus his mind before a big competition.

Boxers, singers, Prime Ministers and actors used hypnotherapy in order to improve their performance. You could benefit too.

In 1956 the Russian Olympic team took eleven hypnotherapists with them. We all know how formidable the Russians were as a sporting nation.
Phil Jackson, Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls, used hypnosis with his team. They won six NBA championships.
Other famous users of hypnosis / hypnotherapy include Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who used hypnosis to relieve her grief over the death of JFK.
Kevin Costner used a hypnotherapist, during the making of “Waterworld” to help him with sea-sickness. Matt Damnon, Charlize Theron, Aston Kutcher, Mark Knopfler, Drew Barrimore and Ellen Degeneres have all used hypnotherapy in order to give up smoking.
Love them or hate them, these people are all successful in their fields and they all know how to make, save and spend their money wisely. If it’s good enough for you, it seems, it’s good enough for them!
Nerves, performance, depression, anxiety, addictions, OCD and so much more: hypnotherapy could help you to become a more effective, happier, calmer you. Wouldn’t that be great?

Get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy could help you. Hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy is an ideal modality for all manner of psychological issues. You needn’t be millionaires or celebrities to benefit. Anybody can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy. If you find yourself unable to deal with a problem alone, contact me at 604 202 7938