Counseling – Addiction to Video Games

There is an official term for the addiction to video games, it is IGD (Internet Gaming Disorder). The world of video games is not a child’s play anymore. As we can see, it is not just the kids but even adults are so badly into the spell of online games that ruining their lives and important aspects of it doesn’t concern them anymore. Almost three percent of the world’s population has lost the track of time and life due to addiction to online games. They are installed and available everywhere, including the home computers, to cyber cafes, malls, and other gaming spaces, which makes it further difficult to get out of the trap.

The programmers design everything in such a way that people cannot help but fall into the bottomless pit of addiction to video games. There are stages, rules, rewards, a particular degree of challenges so that the game is neither too easy to lose interest nor too difficult that one would want to quit. People who are facing a tough time in their lives are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, and an escaping tendency from the real world problems, which pushes them into the virtual world of gaming. Internet gaming has become a trend and many youngsters feel the peer pressure to follow what their friends are doing. The chain goes on and there seems no limit to it.

Addiction to video games is not hard to track. If it is affecting your life, preventing you from thinking about the serious departments of life, and leaving you with no time and energy to tend to your own needs and that of your family, then, it is the case of IGD. Sadly, the minds of kids and teenagers are easier to manipulate and drag them into the instant reward loop, which endangers their health and future as well. Longer hours spent playing and watching the computer screen almost withers the mind and body. Kids lose interest in the study, their career is affected, and they hardly want to go out. Adults are becoming more immune to emotional needs of their loved ones, and getting more used to the virtual sphere.

In case of addiction to video games, prevention is possible only by acknowledging the harmful effects of it. Understanding how the consistent hours of sitting ideal and playing an unproductive game are eating up all the precious time and digging a large hole into their real lives is key to curb the addiction. Kids too need to be talked about the toxic nature of this mania. They need to be explained how it is ruining their career. Spending more time away from computers and in nature’s embrace is healing and detoxifies the mind and body. Severe cases of IGD may seek the help of therapies, where CBT has been seen to work very effectively.

For the sake of our health, it is important that we don’t give the remote control of our lives into the hands of the virtual world of machines. The prices are high and too much is at stake. The young ones learn from our actions. If they see us becoming enslaved to such addiction to video games, chances are high that they would follow the same path. One should seek help as early as possible so that not much damage is done.

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