Counselling -Addiction to Facebook

Facebook addiction has crossed its tipping point long time back. After all, this particular social networking platform has made updating pictures, thoughts, and flaunting the happy moments of our lives a piece of cake. A large number of likes and notifications give us an adrenaline rush like nothing else. The features of tagging, poking, finding an old friend, chatting make Facebook a highly tempting place that has succeeded in luring users from all kinds of age groups. And the number is growing every day.

Research has shown that addiction to Facebook is not that plain and simple. There are various reasons which intensify our constant need to check the updates on Facebook. Trying hard to get many likes by posting pictures, sharing updates, or tagging multiple people just shows a person’s attention-seeking nature. Sharing every little sad thing that is going on in the life, ranting in the status updates, or scrolling down aimlessly is indicative of lower self-esteem and a negative mindset. One also gets an opportunity to silently peek into others’ lives which instantly satiates their appetite for drama but also gives rise to comparisons.

Effects of addiction to Facebook are disastrous. First of all, it has promoted stalking to a very great level. Getting involved in useless conflicts and arguments over social media updates related to religious or political views has done no less harm. It not only consumes the time and energy but does nothing to solve the issues in reality. People really have begun to behave like drug addicts, unable to spend a day without logging in to their account. Facebook addiction disturbs the sleep cycle, and also causes backaches, dry eyes, sabotages the concentration power, along with mood swings, desire for more isolation leading to the distance from the loved ones.

The best and most effective method to deal with an addiction to Facebook is to immediately and abruptly deactivate the account. The milder steps that can be taken are self-observation, restricting and tracking the number of hours logged in to Facebook account. One should look for the reasons why he/she feels the need to check the account every other minute. Is it for popularity, for attention, for stalking, or wandering there with no apparent reason, just to kill the time. Without understanding the basic factors behind the addiction, it would be quite hard to stop oneself from going back there time and again.

Once the reasons responsible for the addiction to Facebook come into the limelight, one should try to work and resolve those issues in a healthy way. Facebook addiction is only a reflection of other deeper and hidden issues of our minds that need to be taken care of. Taking care of one’s mental and physical health should be the top priority for all of us. And getting out of the addiction to Facebook would be a big milestone in that journey.

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