Counselling – Addiction to Pornography

Sex is one of the most primitive and basic natural instincts of human beings, thus making the addiction to pornography an obvious one in comparison to other ones. In a way, people have always been keen to learn more about sex, but indulgence in pornography is a not a healthy way to do that. The luring nature of pornography makes it quite seamless to get a hold on the person’s mind. The compulsive appetite for watching porn destroys the family, relationships, and health of the addict.

Youngsters are more vulnerable and feel excited to gain uninhibited access to pornography. The rush is new to them, expectancy and curiosity make it quite irresistible to them. Adults are equally prone to have this disorder. A significant reason responsible for the addiction to porn is boredom and eagerness to experience something that is less likely to happen in the real life. Loneliness, lack of interesting activities in the life, isolation from other family members, depression and anxiety are some of the most common factors which result in spending a heavy amount of time on watching porn.

The leading problems associated with addiction to porn are erectile dysfunction, loss of intimacy between the partners, irritability in case of not getting access to pornography. The addicts also develop a tendency to compulsively lie in order to hide their addiction. Porn addicts are more likely to cheat and behave dishonestly with their partners. For them, everything else takes a back seat. Even those parts of their life which need attention become secondary to them. This creates an atmosphere of distrust and frustration in the family. An attitude of carelessness creeps into the person towards his work. Moreover, porn gives rise to many sexual fantasies which have elements of violence, aggression leading to more and more sexual assault cases.

Out of many steps that can be taken to deal with the addiction to porns, one of the most effective has been seen to be CBT. The cognitive behavior therapy helps the person get comfortable with his own addictions and fantasies. One can express the guilt and weakness in front of the therapist without the fear of being judged. Apart from getting outside help, realizing that the addiction exists and will-power to get out of it, is an essential step towards solving the issue. For the family members, it is necessary to understand that the problem would not dissolve in few days. A healthy support of love and affection from the family members means a lot to the person struggling with the porn addiction.

A society where most of the adults and teenagers are getting into the trap of addiction to pornography, a concern for their health becomes obvious. Watching pornography not only kills time in a very destructive manner, it also desensitizes the mass and pulls them into sexually aggressive and violent actions, which may threaten the other genders or even kids. Addiction to pornography is a prevalent problem and needs our attention. Dealing with it in a non-judgmental way and with patience is the only way out.

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