Counselling – Addiction to Smartphones

We cannot imagine our daily routine without our phones, we have such kind of addiction to smartphones. It has completely taken the control over our lives. The irony is we don’t see it as a problem. Most of the people would justify their phone usage by using excuses like work, networking, business needs, or for fun. But there is a difference between using a device and depending so much on it that one begins to feel anxious without it. In most of the cases, latter is the story. We feel desperate and anxious if we are made to stay away from the smartphone for more than a while. This compulsive habit is simply indicative of an addiction to smartphones.

Many psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, self-obsession, low self-esteem work behind the addiction to smartphones. The constant need to stay surrounded by updates, triggers, notifications, and approvals are also some of the major factors responsible for the condition. People trying to avoid some long-term stressful situations in their lives or those with attention-seeking tendencies are also very likely to suffer the same problem. Those living a life of loneliness, or having difficulty in a face-to-face interaction also feel the need to use phones more in comparison to others. The fear of missing out and feeling left-out is another reason for the phone addiction.

The biggest damage that addiction to smartphones has caused is dissolving the culture of personal meetings and interactions. Kids, youngsters, or adults prefer to talk over text or chat instead of going out and sitting together at some place. Adults are more locked with their smartphones due to consistent nagging by work emails and messages. Basically, the phones have hypnotized people into doing one thing or the other on a continuous basis, whether it is essential or not. The physical and mental symptoms include the ringing of ears, numb mind, further anxiety and depression, insomnia, and lower emotional states.

Prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent the development of addiction to smartphones in kids, phones should strictly be prohibited for them at least up to a certain age. Even for teenagers, there should be an accountability for how much phone usage is allowed to them on a daily basis. For adults as well, a time should be fixed after which they would put the phone on silent mode and look at it only the next day. A good idea is to follow some fun rules, like not using the phone while eating, not letting the phone disturb you while you are asleep or having quality time with your family.

Apart from ruining one’s social, mental, and physical health, the addiction to smartphones has been responsible for many fatal accidents too. A habit which looks so harmless conceals within many serious troubles. Smartphones are even hampering the relationships and bonding between two people. More usage also results in lack of warmth, indifference, and anxiety. For regaining the healthier version of society, it is important to limit the use of phones.

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