Counselling – Addiction to Social Networking Sites

The craze for going hit on various social media is enough to point towards the addiction to social networking sites in every age group. Whether an adult or a kid, social media has blessed everyone with a (false) celebrity-like status. The mindset has become such that people can’t keep away from their social media updates for more than a few minutes. An addiction that has reached from our dining room to the bedroom and instead of its potential dangers, it is being welcomed in every house. It couldn’t get worse as for the solution to occur, the problem needs to exist according to the people, which is obviously not the case with today’s world.

There are many strong reasons and rewards working behind such blind addiction to social networking sites. One that tops the list is gaining fame. Hundreds of likes and followers give a false impression of feeling like a celebrity. Instant notification facility has made the situation even more pathetic. There are light app versions of almost every social networking site, which allows for a quick access anytime anywhere. It has become a huge market for showing off along with hollow and made-up compliments, where the phrase, ‘you scratch my back and I would scratch yours’ has become quite true.

The addiction to social networking sites breathes in the houses and bedrooms of the people. As a result, it is one of the leading causes of relationship break-ups and privacy disruption. The trend for gaining attention is making people more self-obsessed. Their mental and physical health is suffering. People have less time for members living in the same house than they have for somebody they have never even met for once in real life. Faceless communication also paves the path for infidelity, stalking, online abuse, and many privacy-related cyber crimes, let alone the physical health problems like a headache, mood swings, depression, guilt etc.

Strong will-power and proper planning are needed if one truly wishes to get rid of the addiction to social networking sites. For those who really mean to do this, there are options like deactivating the account completely. Certain apps record your log in time and send a warning signal as a reminder when one has exceeded the set weekly or daily limits. Searching the same satisfaction in more productive things like taking care of yourself, working on the diet, taking kids out for a picnic, indulging in various recreational activities are effective means to detoxify the mind and body and bring the addiction to an end.

We will have to understand that social media is there for a particular reason. It is good for networking and interacting with long-distance friends and business relations. Beyond that, a compulsive need to be online all the time, inability to find meaning in real life without staying active online are certainly issues that are red flags. In the end, addiction to social networking sites only ruins the time and opportunities that come along in real life and hence it is important to keep a check on our online presence, so that, we could really focus on things that really matter for us.

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