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Hypnotherapy for Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder which is sometimes diagnosed as clinical depression, major depressive disorder, or unipolar depression, and when you are in depression you will experience extreme and persistent sadness. You also often lose interest in the things that you used to enjoy, and depression usually has a negative impact on your work, social and family life.

Depression is different from the fluctuations in mood we experience as a normal part of life. Temporary emotional responses to challenges of daily life is nor depression. Depression is a persistent problem, which can last up to 8 months or even longer. It does not fade away after a few days.

Types of Depression.

·      Bipolar, which is also known as manic depression. This involves major mood fluctuations from extreme elation followed by very low mood.

·      Unipolar depression has no mania characteristics, and the mood remains in one emotional state, usually very low.

·      Women experience post-natal depression after childbirth, which is a very severe form of depression. Some may even become paranoid, and many often stop eating.

·      Reactive depression, sometimes known as post-traumatic stress disorder, which may be triggered by events such as bereavement, divorce, or financial matters.

·      Endogenous depression is usually caused by biological factors such as a chemical imbalance in the brain, and mostly treated with medication.

Psychological symptoms of Depression.


·      A very depressed mood.

·      Little interest in doing things that you once enjoyed.

·      Loss of sexual desire.

·      Difficulty sleeping, or the opposite – excessive sleeping.

·      Feelings of worthlessness, and unexplained feelings of guilt.

·      An inability to think clearly, concentrate or make decisions.

·      Tearfulness. Low self-esteem.

·      Thoughts of death or suicide, and other negative, pessimistic thoughts.

Some physical symptoms of depression.


Unexplained aches and pains

Change in weight / appetite

Lack of energy

Slowed movement and speech, or restlessness – unable to keep still.

Changes to the menstrual cycle (women)

Social symptoms of depression.

Avoidance of social situations

Lack of motivation at work

Reduced interest in hobbies

Difficulties with home life

Sometimes unwilling to leave the house, even to go shopping.

If you are suffering with depression, it may seem that you all alone, but in fact it is estimated that around 15% of people will experience a major bout of depression at some point in their life. Anyone can get depression; it can affect people of any age or background. Depression is ranked as the 4th most common disability across the globe.

Does hypnosis work as a treatment for depression?


Hypnotherapy can be an effective and fast acting treatment for depression because it seeks to unlock the sufferer’s subconscious and look below the surface to uncover the psychological cause at the root of the depression problem. The hypnotherapist is then able to release previously pent up emotions related to the incident, and replace negative fearful thoughts with positive helpful thoughts, which will help cope with the depression.

When using hypnosis for depression the patient is open and receptive to suggestions made by the therapist to correct the damaging thought patterns and physical functions that can trigger depression episodes.

Research has shown that your mood can be improved using natural methods of hypnosis combined with coaching to create the behavioural and neuro-biological changes needed to improve mood.

How can hypnosis help me to resolve my depression?


The most effective way to treat your depression completely and permanently is to resolve what’s causing it; if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect.

Depression is often caused by genetics, psychological issues, personality defects, or even childhood trauma. Depression does not exist unless it has been created, mostly by an underlying reason that needs to be fixed.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, logical and effective method that works WITH the subconscious, not against it. Once the subconscious need has been identified, using logic, we can help to re-examine the mistaken information that lies behind it. As long as the misinformation exists, so will your depression. But once your subconscious believes, rather than being told, that disposing of the depression is in your best interests, then it will actively enable you to do so permanently.

Hypnotherapy for depression is distinguished from all other forms of hypnotherapy primarily by its use of logic. The therapist approaches each person without theories or preconceptions – except for one – that the answer to your depression lies only within your own subconscious mind. There is no need to suppress or manage your symptoms. By helping to resolve and correct the root cause, your depression and all related symptoms can automatically fade away, until eventually your depression is nothing but a vague and distant memory.

With my multi-disciplinary approach of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy you will not be required to relive any traumatic or upsetting situation. All you will feel is beautifully relaxed.

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