Good things happen when we flex our thinking muscle

In case you didn’t notice, the internet can be a bit of a hot mess of “what and who to believe”…

The funny thing though is: we can get so carried away with questioning established narratives that we don’t have much scrutiny and skepticism left to question the other stuff.

And it gets even better when we find someone who agrees with us. There is a certain part in the brain that lights up when someone agrees with us: Yay me, yay us! Hmmmm….

As you know I’m all about questioning all stories and well rehearsed narratives. I thoroughly enjoy digging into what created them in the first place and what holds them in place today. It’s my job and it literally is my life.

Because good things happen when we flex our thinking muscle, and nothing should be immune to scrutiny. Not even our own thoughts or beliefs…

It can be rather difficult for human beings to consciously change their own minds. Because the unconscious is where it’s at.

Your unconscious
Remember your unconscious is the store house of all of your experiences, your beliefs (what you hold to be true based on your unconscious interpretation of those experiences) your values (what you think is important based on experiences, upbringing, etc) and much more. And the best way to change those is through hypnotherapy. In case that’s what you want.

Change your mind and you change your world
Which is why it is so difficult to change our own minds consciously. However the simplest way to help your unconscious out is by allowing it to notice the bigger picture and consequently reinterpret the experience in a more useful or resourceful way. (Which is why hypnotherapy is so useful for dealing with all that unconscious stuff)

Unconscious processes on autopilot
Here is what our unconscious does automatically when we only have a few facts and a lot of “we-don’t-knows”: the unconscious conveniently fills in the gaps for us. Argh!

And it does that in alignment with what “it already knows to be true”. Hence all those unconscious biases. Which is why it is rather futile arguing consciously with a person who believes a conspiracy theory. Because to them what they believe is the truth and what you believe is the real conspiracy. Which lights up another part of the brain… The one that is scientifically known as the “I am better cause I don’t have the wool over my eyes…” part.

Thanks. Great. And now what…?

So the first thing is: everything we think or chose to believe is questionable… We owe that much to ourselves!

The second thing: we make choices every day. Especially choices about what to believe… (Again you can change those with hypnosis)

And most importantly: When we have much better beliefs about ourselves, we feel so much more resourceful… And when we’re resourceful we can think and talk calmly. And when we have that, then we tend to make much better decisions… Nice circle, isn’t it?

Gratitude: today I am grateful for this amazing weather! I just love this time of the year. Blue skies, warm and a bit cool at night. And seriously: How beautiful is the ocean at the moment…?

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