Healing the effects of sexual abuse:

Have you or someone you know been affected by sexual abuse? Do you know that hypnotherapy is highly effective at healing the effects of sexual abuse and returning the Self to wholeness? In my hypnotherapy practice over the years I have seen many clients who have suffered sexual abuse in one form or another, either as a small child or an adult. Predominantly of course, most of those clients have been female, but males are also often affected. Whether male or female, young or old, the effects of sexual abuse are often crippling, particularly if the abuser is a parent or a family member. No matter how young they are, children inherently understand that their parents and family members are there to protect them, not abuse them. The obvious fallout from such experiences manifests itself as sexual problems in later life, huge issues over trust, and hyper vigilance (anxiousness, on the constant lookout for threats). Because the person is victimized and normally too frightened to react, or too small to fight back, (or even told that such events are “normal but secret”), they will often take up the identity or archetype of the victim. This can often lead them on to other victim-identified lifestyle choices such as alcohol or drug dependency or poor choices when it comes to choosing suitable life partners resulting in continued abuse. This of course, is all bad enough.

However what surprised me the most when I started to work with sexual abuse clients is that they themselves carried the energies of guilt and shame, along with feelings of dirtiness and of not being deserving of all the good things in life. I wondered why this was the case, as these clients had not done anything wrong themselves and had nothing to feel guilty about at all. Initially I saw that a huge distortion had taken place within the remembrance of the event.


One lady in her mid forties told me that she felt so ashamed of herself, and had always carried feelings of stupidity and weakness because she felt that she should have been able to a) stop the abuse from happening by physically pushing her abuser off her, and b) get out of the room the abuse took place in. We talked about the event itself and my client told me not only was her abuser old, tall and grossly overweight, but that she was locked into the room and she was only four years old! My client had a daughter aged five. I asked her if she thought her daughter could wrestle an abuser off her and escape from a locked room. She replied, “Of course she couldn’t!” I asked why then, she believed that she should have been able to do this. She looked at me blankly and just said, “I’ve never thought about it like that. I have always felt bad that I couldn’t do anything about it.” So this was food for thought for my client. Sadly, I have heard the same story many times over. Guilt also results from any pleasure which may have occurred during the event. But as I point out to my clients, our sexual organs are made to respond to stimuli, rather like a light switch being turned on and off, they do not determine the source of the stimuli and decide whether to work or not. It is entirely natural for these organs to feel pleasure; so again, there is no need to feel guilty.

But as I worked with more and more clients, I saw that the shame, guilt and self hatred were deeply ingrained and that they were huge barriers to healing and occurred no matter how much understanding the client had. And then during a hypnotherapy session with a client one day I came to understand why such emotions are so prevalent to those who had experienced sexual abuse. I discovered that in most cases, during the sexual act, the abuser energetically “dumps” their guilt and shame onto their victim, so they do not have to feel or deal with those distasteful emotions. So the shame and guilt the clients were feeling were not actually their own shame or guilt! But because that energy was residing within their own energy field, they interpreted it as their own, and take ownership of it. Once I started to educate the clients that this energy did not belong to them at all, they were very keen to rid themselves of it, and they made great progress as soon as it was removed from their energy fields.

Sexual abuse affects a person on all levels of their being. The conscious, subconscious,

unconscious, energetic, emotional, mental and physical levels are all affected. In addition, the soul or spirit is also affected. Soul loss usually occurs as a protection mechanism while the event is occurring. Afterwards the abused will be “less than” – reduced and numbed in some way. This actually occurs to help the person cope with what has happened to them, or what sadly continues to happen to them. But of course, in order for true healing to take place, once the emotional, mental, energetic and physical aspects have been healed, soul retrieval is necessary to return to the Self back to wholeness. This is why hypnotherapy is highly effective at healing the effects of sexual abuse as it provides healing on all levels of a persons being and restores them to wholeness with soul retrieval techniques. I have seen hundreds of clients not only move forward with their lives but also create lives they love, forgiven and forgetting their abusers and living the lives that they always dreamt of living. If you have experienced sexual abuse, please know you are not alone, that you have nothing to feel guilty about and that the effects can be fully healed so that you can move forward. I know that you may not have told anyone about what happened to you before, but it is really is nothing to feel ashamed of and the most important thing is that you receive the healing that you need. I would be happy and honored to assist you on your healing journey if you would like to contact me.