Hypnotherapy In Vancouver For Anxiety And Depression

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety Can Be Safely Resolved With Hypnotherapy

Anxiety, worry, and fear are normal and universal feelings. But, when they are frequent and begin to interfere with your ability to function on a daily basis, it is time to take steps to resolve the unconscious causes of these feelings.

Hypnotherapy helps create a sense of calm and clarity of thought for those who experience anxiety and depression. My clients report feeling better, quite quickly, usually within one or two sessions.

I specialize in helping people resolve the emotional triggers that lead to Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, PTSD & Depression and other related disorders.  I have helped many people achieve a sense of calm, safety and relief using very effective hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy resolves the unconscious causes of anxiety  quickly and safely.  It is usual to begin to feel stronger and calmer from the first session.  Within a few sessions feelings of being calm, confident and in control become your new normal.

I help people who:


Feel overwhelmed by the demands of life

Feel nervous or anxious a lot of the time

Struggle to think clearly

Have panic attacks

Have flashbacks to traumatic events

Feel weighed down by depression, grief or trauma

Are limited because of anxiety and self-doubt

Dwell on problems from the past

Have trouble sleeping

Resort to alcohol or other drugs to feel better

Feel stuck – unable to move beyond past distress

Are angry and lashing out

Have phobias such as fear of flying, fear of heights etc.

Experience performance anxiety

How Does Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety?


Essentially anxiety is an emotional response that comes from a deep unconscious sense of unease. A feeling of being not safe. This creates an uncomfortable state of emotional arousal and a sense of being on edge. Hypnotherapy is very useful in calming the autonomic arousal within a very short time.

There are many possible causes. It may be due to a specific one-off traumatic event, such as sexual assault, an accident or witnessing a crime. Or your anxiety may be the result of multiple events over time, such as insecurity or abuse in childhood, domestic violence, school or workplace bullying or the events leading up to a relationship breakdown. Sometimes people can’t really explain why they feel anxious, they just do.

Regardless of the cause, hypnotherapy can relieve the symptoms of anxiety in a relatively short time.

Anxiety is not a conscious choice, it is an emotional response triggered in the deeper parts of the brain.  As hypnotherapy deals with the unconscious mind, and addresses emotional responses directly, it is the most effective way of creating a feeling of calm quickly and safely.

In hypnosis we can also generate new positive beliefs that support your desire to be strong and empowered.  This may include helping you create lifestyle changes so that you are healthier both physically and mentally into the future.

Online Sessions Available

If you would prefer to get help without coming into my office personally I can help you via Zoom. Online therapy is not usually  appropriate for extreme symptoms however.

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Hypnotherapy For Depression

Hypnotherapy is a very positive form of psychotherapy and it can help relieve depressive symptoms, and help you to feel lighter, more positive and optimistic. Like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.

Because every client has different needs counselling is the first step so that together we can explore the possible causes of your low mood and other distressing symptoms.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Feel Better From The First Session

Hypnosis for depression has the potential to change the way you view your situation and opens up your mind to the idea of being free of depression. It is uplifting and the improvement in mood can potentially be experienced from the first session.

Hypnotherapy is also a very powerful tool in helping people overcome past trauma and distress that may be at the core of the depressive symptoms.

As there are many causes of depression this therapy will address the specific issues that affect you in a kind and supportive way.

I am trained in multiple forms of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I will apply my knowledge and skills to create the right approach for you, so that you can begin to feel better quickly.

Hypnotherapy can be safely used in conjunction with traditional psychological counselling.

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