The word ‘hypnotherapy’ can conjure up various images in many people’s minds; that gag from Little Britain (“Look into my eyes not around the eyes look into my eyes!”) the swinging pendulum, people being made to quack like a dog…

I’m often being asked to bust myths around hypnotherapy give people the low down on what it’s really like, rather than the (slightly sinister!) image it sometimes gets on TV and in the movies.

  1. You’ll be ‘put under’ and you’ll lose control

This is a biggie that I hear a lot and a common concern that people have around hypnotherapy. I have to say that nobody gets ‘put under’. I hate this term! I reminds me of of getting put under general anesthetic, which of course, hypnotherapy is nothing like.

The somewhat more boring truth is that you’re aware of everything that happens during a hypnotherapy session and you don’t get ‘put under’ anything!

I help clients to calm down the conscious, ‘thinking’ part of the mind, so that their subconscious can listen in and take positive things on board.

It often feels very relaxing, sometimes like daydreaming. You could take yourself out of the experience at any time, if you wanted to.

  1. Many people can’t go in to ‘hypnosis’

What people don’t realise about hypnotherapy is that it’s a really natural state of mind, and we go into similar states several times during the day.

When we day-dream, get mega relaxed in front of the TV, or do things on autopilot, we’re in a similar state of mind to hypnosis.

Anyone can do it…if they want to!

  1. You won’t remember anything from the session

Although it’s nice to think a hypnotherapist will wave their magic wand and cure us overnight, it’s not quite how it works.

During a session you’re often required to engage in the process, using your imagination help seed an idea into your unconscious mind.

You’ll still be aware of what’s being said in the session.

  1. It’s mainly used for stopping smoking

Many people first think of stopping smoking when they think of hypnotherapy, but it’s even more commonly used these days for issues like anxiety and confidence issues and even IBS, for which it’s approved by NICE.

  1. It’s mind control

Do you really think anyone could control your mind?!

In fact, it’s more about getting back in control of old, unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling.

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