Replace Before Stress

Hello again and welcome to my blog… This week’s blog is going to concentrate on an area of life that I think sometimes gets forgotten. And that thing that gets forgotten your ability to preemptively solve issues!  So what are really talking about here? Okay, so got a few examples…

You having a really busy week, and like many people, you could just do with a few more hours each day, sound familiar? Before you go to work, you’ve put on dishwasher and the washing, got the children up and cleaned, teeth brushed, had the breakfast fight and now they’re off to school. You go to work with all the stresses and the deadlines and targets that it brings. You look forward to finishing when you can get home spend some time with the family, evening meal and then settled down for just maybe an hour’s relaxation, maybe even read a book in bed. Once home you discover that the washing machine hasn’t clicked around and drained and spun the washing from earlier on. The doors locked and the clothes wet. You know there’s more washing out piling up and this is just another stress that you could do without! You begin looking for either repair or replacement and often in today’s replacement culture it’s often easier to get a replacement, especially if your machine is a few years old. You go online and purchase one and of course the model you want isn’t available but they will get it to you and deliver it in five working days. Five working days go by, they text and tell you that they going to deliver but you find yourself having to pop out for 30 minutes and it just so happens that’s when they arrived.

Because all this is familiar. And of course you could substitute anything instead of the washing machine… The fact is that it is highly likely that that washing machine began to develop symptoms, showing you signs that all was not well and the breakdown was imminent. Maybe was a boiler not heating the water to the right temperature, perhaps it’s the television not switching on when you press the button you have to do something quirky?  Perhaps it’s the car’s air con? Or maybe more seriously you’re having more arguments at home with loved ones, or maybe feeling more nervous about going to work?

Why do we allow things to go so far and critically fail before we do anything about them? I mean at the earliest hint of problems with the washing machine why did we fix it? Why didn’t we just get rid of all the stress before it happens? Similarly, in relationship, why do we allow the disagreements or the arguing to happen and ultimately maybe reach a critical point? Or maybe why continue to smoke when you know exactly what is doing to you? There are an infinite number of reasons and things that we let run their course before we take action, reaction…

I suppose what I’m saying, is just imagine if we all watched out a little bit more and took action at the first signs of critical failures or problems or presenting issues. The first time you get nervous about something that previously didn’t really worry you. Maybe it’s just the oven and is not getting hot enough… When I see clients, they often say that they’ve put up with things for years and it’s now time to change. People will only change when they are fully ready to change that’s for sure. But why would you like something gets so critical before you make a decision to change?

Hypnotherapy and coaching can really facilitate stepped or gradual changes in both personal and professional arenas and areas of your life. Why wait until the pressure is on and you are imminently expecting a critical failure? Contact me to talk about how you can change your mind-set, your approach or change those things you would want to change.  I’m available in Vancouver when you’re ready to change.